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1940 HOKOKU ZOKI(HOKOKU Machinery)of the antecedent company was founded at the address of 840-1, Meiji-cho, Fukuyama-City, it started to produce small bench machine tools. With the intensifying war, the company was engaged in the production of aircraft parts.
1945 The company was re-organized into a corporate body. The company was moved to the address of 1008, Kusado-cho, Fukuyama-City, and the name of the company was changed to HOKOKU NOKI (Hokoku Agricultural Machinery)Co.,Ltd. and started the production of agricultural equipment.
1955 The foundry was relocated to the head office plant due to the execution of the station-front principal street project.
1960 Machine Tools operation was resumed. Started manufacturing and sales of multi-spindle drilling machines.
1961 The name of the company was changed to HOKOKU KIKAI(Hokoku machinery)Co.,Ltd.
1963 Tokyo Office was opened, and the head office plant was extended.
1964 Osaka Office was opened.
1968 Nagoya Office was opened.
1970 The company started the manufacture and sales of antipollution devices. and entered into technical tie-up with Fluidizer, Inc. of the U.S. for the production of the dust collectors. The dust collector production plant was constructed.
1973 The foundry was enlarged.
1977 The new head office building was completed.
1979 The company started the manufacture and sales of construction and building equipment(Grease Interceptors, air-conditioning tanks, etc.). The company opened branches and business offices thereafter at principal cities in japan.
1983 The company started the full-fledged production of NC machine tools such as machining center, etc.
1985 A material handing plant was newly constructed. The machine tool production plant was extended.
1988 The distribution center for the construction and building equipment division was opened.
1990 Taking the opportunity of the celebration of the 50th anniversary, the company introduced a new corporate identity, changed its name to HORKOS CORP, enlarged the environmental improving equipment plant and the machine tool assembling plant, and completed the construction and building equipment R&D office.
1991 An assembling plant exclusive for the production of machine tools and transfer machines was constructed newly.
1995 The environmental improving equipment plant was enlarged.
1997 Steel Material Warehouse was newly constructed. Machine Tool Design Department floor was expanded. Bangkok resident office was opened.
2001 Detroit Office was opened.
2002 Bangkok resident office was incorporated and HORKOS THAILAND Co.,Ltd. was established.
The environmental improving equipment plant was relocated to Fukuyama north Industrial Park, and started operation as Fukuyama north factory.
2003 Detroit Office was incorporated as HORKOS TECHNICAL CENTER OF AMERICA INC. was established.
2004 The machine tool assembling plant was newly constructed. The foundry was moved to Fukuyama north plant.
2006 Koriyama plant was established in Koriyama-City, Fukushima.
2007 Fukuyama north factory was renamed to Fukuyama north plant. The machine tool manufacturing and assembly plant was newly constructed at Fukuyama north plant.
2010 HORKOS KOREA Co.,Ltd. was established.
2011 HORKOS MANUFACTURING(THAILAND)Co.,Ltd. was established.
2012 Osaka branch was relocated.
Tokyo branch and Tokyo sales branch were merged and relocated.
2013 New Plant of Construction and Building Equipment Division was built at Koriyama business office.
2014 New plant was established in Thailand.
2020 80th anniversary of the company's establishment
2022 Completion of the new head office building

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