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Special-Purpose Machine


Fixture for Crankshaft Oil Holes Machining CRANKMASTER Series

Flexible special-purpose fixtures for work pieces ranging from small-to-large-sized Crankshafts Flexibility, High speed, and compact are achieved. By selecting different type of Machining center, several kinds of crankshafts can be machined on CRANKMASTER. iMQL® offers high-efficiency machining and outstanding stability.
クランクシャフト油穴加工専門治具 CRANKMASTERシリーズ

Special-Purpose Machine for Crankshaft Oil Holes MOH

Special -Purpose Machine for Crankshaft both end MBE

Special -Purpose Machine for Crankshaft both end MBE

Special-Purpose Machine for Large Crankshaft Oil Holes

It is suitable to manufacture the work piece long up to 1,350 mm.
大型クランクシャフト油穴加工機 TG70H

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