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TM70H / TM80H




■ Higher Productivity・Higher Effeciency・Higher Maintainability
■ Compact Design with Lowered Loading Height
■ Machining Center is Optimized for Mass Production Line
Twin Column Structure

The adoption of twin column structure achieves energy saving, high rigidity, and faster acceleration/deceleration.

Twin Column Structure

The Monolithic structure of a combined bed and the first column provides High Rigidity and adds a low center of gravity to the whole machine .
The movable second column is constructed of ductile cast iron for weight reduction.
Downsizing and weight reduction of movable the Y-axis provides energy savings and allows for faster acceleration/deceleration which in turn increases productivity


TM70H / TM80H
Travel X-axis 530mm
Travel Y-axis 560mm
Travel Z-axis 530mm
Rapid traverse rate 62m/min
Cutting feed rate 1~10,000mm/min
Max. rotation speed 8,000(12,000、15,000)
Tool holder HSK-A63(BT40,KM6350)
Tool storage capacity 24(16,40)
Footprint 1,500mm×3,425mm

*(Standard Options)

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